Terms of Participations

Terms of participation
“Out in HK” is a non-commercial community group for sports, outdoors event, fitness and healthy related social activities in which everyone is responsible for him/herself. By joining an activity organised or promoted by “Out in HK”, or by registering for the activity, a participant is deemed to have agreed to the terms set out below. If the participant brings a guest along to the activity, he/she must ensure that the terms below are notified to and accepted by the guest prior to the activity.

1. Each participant joins an activity by his/her own choosing, with the full understanding and acceptance of all associated risks, including but not limited to the particular risk of bodily injury associated with sports and outdoors activities.

2. Each participant must be in sufficiently good health and physical condition to participate in the activity, without risk of aggravating any pre-existing illness, disability or other medical conditions. If in doubt, the participant should consult his/her own physician first. Should a participant have such a condition, he/she must declare it to the organizers before the start of the activity.

3. To the full extent permitted by law, each participant agrees to release, discharge and hold harmless the organizers, leaders, sponsors, affiliates, agents and other participants of the activity from all liabilities, claims, damage or losses, howsoever arising, including but not limited to death, injuries, and property loss or damage suffered by the participant.

4. “Out in HK” does not take up or maintain any personal accident, health or medical insurance coverage, or emergency medical support, for the benefit of participants of any activity. Each participant is responsible for making his/her own arrangements as he/she deems fit.

5. “Out in HK” reserves the right to adjourn, suspend or cancel the event before or during the event, and shall not be liable to any participant for any liabilities or damages whatsoever.

6. Participation in certain activities is subject to pre-payment (for booking of venues, transportation, equipment, etc). Pre-paid amounts will not be refunded to any participant who subsequently decides not to participate or fails to punctually attend the activity. All forfeited amounts (if not used in organizing the activity) will be accumulated and donated periodically to a LGBT-related charitable cause. “Out in HK” will post details of all such donations on its Facebook page.

7. “Out in HK” reserves the right to exclude any person from an activity on reasonable grounds, including but not limited to situations where the person did not timely register, pre-pay or turn up for the activity, or where the person’s health or fitness may not be suited for the activity.

8. In addition to the above terms, “Out in HK” may require any or all participants of an activity to sign a release and waiver form containing similar terms, before the start of the activity.

9. “Out in HK” may take photos and/or videos at events and post them online for publicity purpose. Participants not wanting to be included should tell the organizers. Otherwise, any active participation in such photos and/or videos will be deemed to imply the participant’s consent.

10. “Out in HK” is a community and we are welcoming everybody to post on the Facebook group but we reserve the right to delete any content posted. Commercial advertising without discussion with the leaders is strictly prohibited.

11. Participation in “Out in HK “events is limited to persons who are 16 years of age or older. Anyone attending an event under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.



“Out in HK”是個為舉辦運動、戶外活動、康體及與健康有關之社交活動而設的非營利社區組織,各參加者在參加上述活動時均有責任照顧自己。凡參加由”Out in HK”舉辦或推廣的一項活動或就該活動報名,即意味著你作為參加者已知悉及同意接受以下條款。如參加者擕同友人參加該項活動,參加者定當確保其友人在活動前已被知會及接受以下條款。

1. 各參加者乃按各自之意願參加活動,並須衡量是否能接受所有連帶風險,包括但不限於由運動及戶外活動可引致的身體創傷。

2. 參加相關活動時,各參加者必須確保自己有充足體能及良好健康狀況,且不會對任何既有疾病、殘疾或其他醫學上的狀況造成不良影響。如有懷疑,參加者應先向醫生咨詢。如有上述狀況,參加者必須於活動展開前通知主辦者。

3. 在法律盡可能容許的情況下,各參加者同意解除及釋放有關主辦者、領導者、贊助者、附屬人士、代理人及其他出席活動的參加者之所有責任,並且不向上述人士追討任何責任、申索、損害或損失,包括但不限於參加者的死亡、受傷及其所蒙受的財物損壞或損失。

4. “Out in HK”並無就任何活動的參加者為其利益投保任何個人意外、健康或醫療保險,亦不提供緊急醫療支援。各參加者須按各自需要為自己作出適當安排。

5. “Out in HK”保留權利在活動開始前或途中延期、暫停或取消進行該項活動而毋須向任何參加者負上任何責任或賠償。

6. 參加者可能要就某些活動支付按金(作為預訂場地、交通工具或器械等之用途)。如參加者期後決定不參加或不準時出席該活動,已預付的按金將不會退款。所有被沒收的款項(如未被用於舉辦該活動的經費上)將會累積及定期用作向同志有關的事工作為慈善捐助。“Out in HK”將於Facebook網頁內公佈所有該等損款的細節。

7. “Out in HK”保留權利以合理原因拒絕任何人參與某項活動,包括但不限於如該人未在限時前報名、預繳費用,或準時出席該項活動,或如該人的健康狀況或體能並不適合該項活動。

8. 除以上條款外,“Out in HK”或會在活動開始前要求任何或所有參加者簽署包含類似條款的免責及放棄追討聲明書。

9. “Out in HK”有可能在進行活動期間拍攝及/或錄影並上載至互聯網上作公開分享。參加者如不欲參與其中請向主辦者提出。否則,任何主動參與拍攝及/或錄影的行為將被視為是參加者已默許被拍攝及/或被錄影。

10. “Out in HK”是個共享社群及歡迎所有人在其Facebook網頁內張貼公告,然而將保留權利刪除任何被張貼的內容,亦不准張貼未經與領導者事先商討的商業性廣告。

11. 所有人必須年滿十六歲方可參與由Out in HK 舉辦的活動。任何未滿十六歲人士必須在家長或監護人的陪同下方可參加。