Our organisers

Alexey (Tennis) is the main point of contact for tennis activities at Out in HK. With a strong background in tennis as a former professional player and currently the owner of the tennis coaching company ( Alexey organises social tennis events for Out in HK on a regular basis. Whether you would like to meet new tennis players or interested in taking some tennis lessons Alexey would gladly help you.
David Ho (Yoga)
Dennis Philipse
Dennis Philipse (Founder, Hiking, Trail Running, Special Events).
Pedro Pimentel (Hiking, Trail Running) is different kind of Brazilian as he doesn’t play Football that well but he’s quite skilled in Ice Hockey and Trail running. He organises hikes, specially night hikes during weekdays. Ask him anything about the (in)famous Twins hike or about the many times he faced wild boars, porcupines and monkeys in Hong Kong. He also organised the first international adventure trip for Out in HK where they spent 1 week sailing and sleeping in remote islands in Palawan, Philippines.
Reggie Kayak
Reggie Ho (Outdoor Events, Bowling)
Roberto Cecchelero (Bootcamp, Special Events)
Wayne (Yoga) – Taiwan born instructor Wayne Yeh, received his training in Hong Kong, Montreal, India and Germany. He has taught classes and workshops all over the world. While in Hong Kong, he is the resident yoga instructor at the Upper House Hotel in Hong Kong.