About Out in HK

“Out in HK” (OIHK) is a non-commercial group that welcomes and connects all members and friends of the LGBT community in Hong Kong with an interest in developing a fit and healthy lifestyle. We organise and promote regular events that are active, social, and fun. Activities include hiking, running, rock climbing, swimming, yoga, sailing, kayaking, bowling, trampoline bouncing, camping, strength training bootcamp, tennis, basketball, football, beach clean ups (on shore and underwater), diving, volleyball, and badminton. The group started in August 2014 and has grown to 4,000+ members and counting. We have since organized 260 events with 3,492 participants.
The founders of OIHK recognize that there were many LGBT sports, outdoors, and fitness enthusiasts in Hong Kong, but no shared platform for them to come together as a community. There were only small circles of friends and groups focusing on their respective sports, such as badminton or volleyball. It was difficult to find activity partners, except through friends, bars or online resources.
With OIHK, we now have a community group and platform that cuts across all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds. Our aim is to create a non-intimidating and inclusive environment that appeals to experienced sports and fitness enthusiasts as well as curious beginners. We have demonstrated that members of the LGBT community in HK like to play sports and make new friends, but they need a safe, friendly, and encouraging environment.

Discrimination is still very real in HK and that hampers some people’s motivation to get out there. OIHK enables everyone to find like-minded friends and get out of their comfort zones in a social and active environment. The group consists of a nice mix of locals and non-locals. Members range in age from 16 to those in their sixties, and include students as well as professionals from different industries.

「Out in HK」(OIHK)是個非商業組織,歡迎所有在香港同志界的人士和好友參與拓展活得健康及强健的生活模式。